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Talk To Me In Korean Workbook Level. 1 | 톡투미인코리안 워크북 1

Talk To Me In Korean Workbook Level. 1
톡투미인코리안 워크북 1

Date de parution : 01/04/2015

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Ean : 9788956056883
Pages : 128

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목차 / Table des matières

How to Use the Talk To Me In Korean Workbook
Quick guide to Han-geul
Lesson 1. 안녕하세요. 감사합니다. (Hello, Thank you)
Lesson 2. 네. 아니요. (Yes, No, What?)
Lesson 3. 안녕히 가세요. 안녕히 계세요. (Good-bye, See you)
Lesson 4. 죄송합니다. 저기요. (I'm sorry, Excuse me)
Lesson 5. -이에요/예요 (It's me, What is it?)
Lesson 6. 이거, 이거 뭐예요? (What is this?, This is …)
Lesson 7. 이, 저, 그, 거/것 (This, That, It)
Lesson 8. 아니에요. (It's NOT me)
Lesson 9. -은/-는, -이/-가 (topic, subject marking particles)
Lesson 10. 있어요. 없어요. (have, don't have, there is, there isn't)
Lesson 11. 주세요. (Please give me)
Lesson 12. 맛있어요. 잘 먹겠습니다. (it's delicious, it tastes awful, thank you for the food)
Lesson 13. -고 싶어요 (I want to …)
Lesson 14. 뭐 ?고 싶어요? (What do you want to do?)
Lesson 15. 일, 이, 삼, 사, … (Sino-Korean Numbers)
Lesson 16. -아/어/여요 (Basic Present Tense)
Lesson 17. -았/었/였어요 (Past Tense)
Lesson 18. 어디, -에, -에서 (Location-marking Particles)
Lesson 19. 언제 (When)
Lesson 20. 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷, … (Native Korean numbers)
Lesson 21. 안, -지 않다 (Negative Sentences)
Lesson 22. 하다 (verb)
Lesson 23. 누구? (Who?)
Lesson 24. 왜? 어떻게? (Why? How?)
Lesson 25. -에서/부터 ?까지 (From A To B, From C Until D)